Can I buy my own furniture and you style it in the house?
Yes it is possible. Alternatively if you don’t want to source your own products you can send us out shopping for you.  We can generally get trade discounts and save you time, money and stress. For a full refurbishment you can task us to buy all the fixtures and fittings together, (instead of you buying them piece by piece,) so that we can pre-style them to work together, making the whole process easier for you.

Can I keep a favourite chair and incorporate it into the design?
Yes we can either work it into the design or create a design around it to make it a feature.

Can I go away while the work is done?
Yes, that can be a good idea.  It is faster and allows the tradesmen full run of the property in order to crack on with the work and means that you avoid the inconvenience of the dust and noise.

Can I go shopping with you?
Yes we can take half a day or full day to go to design shops and select furniture that you like or we can show you what the possibilities are. We have a half day or full day charge.

Do I have to buy lots of furniture?
It is completely dependent on your budget and the level of furnishing that you require, for the look you want to create.

Do I have to move out?
It is totally up to you whether you choose to stay or move out for a while. The work we do is not the cleanest or the quietest, it will be disruptive because it is a construction site. It is faster if you move but we can work with you there.

What skills do you have dealing with my partner, who always wants the best of everything, how can I temper that?
You will set a budget, which we will work within. It will save you time and money if you can make joint decisions or agree on one spokesperson for the project. We will talk you through design decisions, consult with you and give you final approval on items. It will not serve anyone if we spend our time refereeing or going back and forth between multiple decision-makers, instead of creating.

How can you make it look good with children?
There are fantastic materials that look like the original product but are easy to clean and shock proof.  For example, using porcelain tiles that look like natural wood instead of wood, which can wear or scratch and needs sanding every few years. When researching all the flooring and wall-tiling options, we consider functionality, durability, style, slip rating and maintenance saving you time and stress.  We will obtain samples for you to approve.

I have allergies what fabrics do you use?
We can source specific fabrics that are suitable for you and have been tested.  These may have a higher cost than untested fabrics and we can work this into the budget.

Is it going to cost a lot?
It helps us to have a clear budget to work to as this allows us to quickly find products within your price range.  Your level of spend is completely dependent on the level of style and quality that you want to achieve.

What are you going to show me e.g. mood boards etc.?
As part of your proposal we will show you a mood board and images and samples of the type of products that will be used, to give you a feel for colour, style, shape and texture. Once we get into the detail of ordering we will research and edit what is available, consistent with our design concept, in order to give you a choice of 2 or 3 items, whereever possible.

Can you help me deal with the clutter & the hoarding accumulated from the family?
Absolutely we can look at what storage needs you require and incorporate that into the design.

Will you look at the physical design of the structure to improve the house?
Yes, if that is one of your requirements, or we may make suggestions for you to consider.  It completely depends on the size of your project, budget and the results that you want to achieve from it.

How do you select your trades people?
We suggest people/companies/suppliers to you that either we have worked with successfully before or come recommended.  You will meet them and approve them before they start work, as you will be responsible for contracting with and paying them directly.

When is the right time to get you involved?
As early in the process as possible so that we can ensure that all the design issues are taken into account and coordinated before tradesmen quote, which will save you time and money in the long-run.

Do you manage the tradespeople and offer the full management package?
We do offer a full package service and there is an additional fee for this; we will visit site daily and ensure that work is going to plan.  The client is responsible for contracting with and paying the tradesman. The tradesmen manage their own teams and we work with each supplier to coordinate and keep the project on track where possible and we provide the link between the contractors and the client.

Can I see your portfolio?
Yes, you can see some examples of Soul Living here.

What results have other clients achieved when they’ve sold?  Have they achieved over their expectations?
In each case the property has exceeded the cost of doing the work and generally has exceeded expectations.  As a rough guide you can expect to recover cost and increase value by a similar amount.  Of course property markets can go down as well as up so this is not guaranteed. And clients find that they gain great intangible benefits from their new home and do not want to move after all when they see the result. See what some of our clients have said here.

What type of renewable energy what do you incorporate?
Renewable energy sources generally involve a significant investment upfront before clients see a return, so if this is within your budget we can look at solar energy, efficient boiler systems, digital wireless functionality within your home to control temperatures, green roofs etc.

How quickly can you do it?
It entirely depends on what results you want to achieve, the funds that you have available and how you want to phase the work. This can take anywhere from a month for refreshing, to a year or two for remodelling and landscaping.

Do you always get my approval before you buy?
Generally yes. We will always seek your approval on customised and investment items. 

What happens if you buy something I don’t like, can it be returned?
Most products can be returned if they are unused and are stock items. Customised or special orders will not be returnable.

I don’t want my home to look designed I want it to reflect me how do you ensure that happens?
By taking your through detailed questions to determine what you want to achieve and what is important to you and then designing a solution that is unique to you.  You may choose to go ahead with this solution or you are free to choose another option.

Do you follow feng shui rules?
Not specifically. We follow intuitive experience, good practice and work within the parameters of the individual house to achieve a natural flow, harmony, natural light, air and bring to life the soul inside your home.

Are you an architect?
No, we are not an architects; we are architectural interior designers. We have studied the general principles of architecture but for technical drawings we source a structural engineer to draw up necessary plans and specifications for planning and an architect to detail exterior work.

Why choose you?
We're not for everybody. The designer that you choose completely depends on the results that you want to achieve. We create contemporary, functional and stylish homes with simplicity and innovative elegance and our strength is to bring you a unique and tailored design that will make you feel fulfilled and bring pleasure to the way you live your life at home. See what some of our clients have said.

Do you do landscaping?
Absolutely we believe the home should be designed from the outside in, so from when you arrive at your front door till you leave from the back gate you are thrilled to spend time at home.

How can I guarantee that the building works are going to finish on time?
You have our full commitment to see the build through until handover to you (please see our terms and conditions for more details.) Third parties working with us sometimes have issues or problems that arise affecting delivery, which aren’t anticipated nor within our control, so there can be delays and we do our best to communicate these and manage these for you. The most common factors that can help reduce delays and cost over-runs are a clear unchanging client brief, quick client decision-making and timely payments.

Is it just in the UK or overseas?
We can design for you worldwide.